Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the Practice of Permanent Hair Removal, the Process of Removing Hair Using Electricity.

Electrolysis is a direct current which produces a microscopic bit of lye in the follicle killing the cells that grow the hair.

Thermolysis is an oscillating current. This produces heat in the follicle that kills the cells that grow the hair.

The Blend Electrolysis & Thermolysis blended together. This uses both the lye and the heat to kill the cells that grow the hair.

Electrolysis Preparation Procedure

Your skin is cleansed and prepared with witch hazel or alcohol depending on the treatment area or skin type. There is no skin preparation necessary on your part before the procedure.

Permanent Hair Removal Procedure

Clients procedures are individual depending on their skin and/or hair type, as well as, the area of the body the treatment will be performed on. Once the skin is cleansed a pre-sterilized one time use filament will be chosen for your treatment. There are different sizes of filaments and the size used will be based on the body area the thickness of the hair we will be removing. The filament is slid into the hair follicle, a small amount of electric current is applied (small amount of heat). This kills the cells that grow the hair.